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About us!

N.G.T Group is a gaming community that strives to transform the gaming community as you know it! After running as a VTC for over a year, change was long overdue. NGT has been extremely successful, but we believe we can be even more successful! Therefore, by moving to a community where we are situated around many different games, we believe it will push us towards the next level of gaming community and ultimately create an incredible gaming community.


N.G.T Group consists of the VTC Division, Farming Division, Aviation Division and our Community Division. Each division is run by a management team as well as a dedicated staffing team in order to maximise the most out of each division.

N.G.T Group is run out of 1 main server/hub which is designed to keep our community all in 1 place, rather than segregating a specific division. Individuals are able to apply for the divisions they wish to join via the main server. However, Everyone is a part of the Community Division as its the main part of the group.

With  your help we can continue to grow this incredible gaming community and become one of the best! 


Monthly Gaming Competitions!

Big public events in all Divisions!


Weekly Gaming Nights!

Meet new incredible people everyday!

Monthly Gaming Photo Competitions!

Friendly and Supportive Staff members!

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Staff opportunities available!

A Fun, Friendly and Professional Community!

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